EmailRoadshow SF

San Francisco, CA
August 15, 2024

Masterclass 1

Taking a Data-Driven Approach to Optimizing Your Campaigns

Sue Cho

Sue Cho

Director of CRM, Outside Inc.

Sue has been doing retention, email and engagement marketing for 15 years, focusing on e-commerce and subscription services. She currently is the Director of CRM at Outside Inc. and operates by her motto “Think creatively, proceed analytically.”

Masterclass 2

Money talks: How To Translate Your Work to Impact on the Bottom Line

How many of us have finally gotten time with the C-Suite, perfected our presentation and talking points, only to walk out of that meeting feeling like we didn’t do our work justice? Many marketers struggle with translating our work into meaningful impact that even a CEO would care about—even though we do high-impact work every day.

Whether you’re preparing for your next monthly report, have a skip-level with your CMO, or lobbying for your needs to your MOPs counterparts, this session will help you nail your pitch and get what you need to deliver against goals.

Together, we will talk about…

  • How to tease out how your job makes the company money, and how this solution will help you make more of it
  • A framework for sharing how you can do more of what works, to secure the resources you need
  • Crafting an elevator pitch of your most impactful work, so when you have a minute with the C-Suite you can nail your impact
  • How to get started today on measuring your impact, which will help you gain trust and authority (and also might help you land your next job)
Anne Wave

Anne Wave

Director of Lifecycle Marketing, Alma

Anne is a long-time email geek with a strong record of building teams and programs from scrappy to scaling. Her specialty is making data-driven and revenue-informed calls to grow marketing in sustainable ways. She’s passionate about building community in and out of the industry.