EmailRoadshow Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA
November 7, 2024

Masterclass 1

Using AI to Create Great Email Marketing Campaigns in Less Time

It’s easy to use AI to create an email marketing campaign; it’s more difficult to create one that’s truly effective. Join us and recognized industry expert Jeanne Jennings (Email Optimization Shop) to learn how to leverage AI to develop high quality, highly effective email marketing campaigns. AI doesn’t replace the email marketer – your knowledge combined with the processing speed of AI lets you do your job more quickly and more efficiently – and it’s more fun! 

Join us and you’ll learn:  
  • Which publicly available custom GPTs you should be using to help you with tasks
  • How to create your own private custom GPTs to act as your own marketing team 
  • Why an iterative approach is the best way to create campaigns – and how to do it
  • And much more

This is an interactive, hands-on course including client case studies, real-world examples, and lessons learned from Jeanne’s 20+ years helping clients make their email marketing programs more effective and more profitable.
Jeanne Jennings

Jeanne Jennings

Founder and CEO, Email Optimization Shop
Jeanne Jennings is a recognized expert in email marketing and a sought-after consultant, speaker, trainer, and author specializing in email marketing strategy, tactics, creative direction, and optimization. She helps organizations make their email marketing programs more effective and more profitable. Jeanne is the Founder and CEO of Email Optimization Shop, a consultancy focused on optimizing bottom-line email marketing performance with strategic testing. She is also General Manager of the Only Influencers community of email industry professionals, Chair of the Email Innovations World  conference, and an Adjunct Professor in the graduate school at Georgetown University Her direct response approach has helped B2B, B2C, government, and non-profit clients including AARP, Capital One, Hasbro, New York Times, Scholastic, UPS, Verizon, and the World Bank. Jeanne earned her MBA from Georgetown University (Hoya Saxa!), and she is an avid hockey fan (Let’s Go Caps!). Learn more at

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