EmailRoadshow London

London, UK
September 19, 2024

Masterclass 1

Behavioural Marketing 2.0

Adeole Sole

Adeola Sole

Email Marketing & CRM Consultant , Strategy CRM 

Adeola has numerous experience in the retail, media and travel industry as a CRM consultant. She’s advised on successful data-led, eCRM strategies and implemented growth opportunities whilst always having the customer journey as a key focus. 

She’s a known public speaker, mentor to young professionals, conference and webinar host and a member of the Women of Martech Diversity and Equal Opportunity committee. She has a passion to ‘knowledge share’ and ensure that other marketers feel equipped to run their marketing programs with confidence. She’s also the founder of Strategy CRM, an email consultancy agency.

Masterclass 2

Unlocking Email Marketing Excellence:
Elevating Success Beyond Open Rates with 3 Key Performance Indicators

Join Dela Quist as he unravels the secrets of successful email marketing. This workshop is not just for email marketers, but for all marketers who utilize email as a communication tool. Dela will guide attendees through the critical aspects of email marketing, teaching them how to effectively engage with their entire database and not just the VIPs. Attendees will also learn why automations and triggers are the key to lifecycle marketing, and how to harness the power of compelling email subject lines. Dela will also shed light on a commonly misunderstood aspect of email marketing – frequency, and why it can be a marketer’s best friend. This workshop is a must-attend for anyone looking to elevate their email marketing strategies and achieve excellence in their campaigns.

Dela Quist

Dela Quist

Agency Founder, Email Marketing/Messaging Technology Expert, Speaker & Board Advisor

As the founder of Alchemy Worx, a highly successful agency specializing in end-to-end email marketing solutions, Dela has served clients across diverse industries and markets. With a solid background in digital media and advertising, he boasts a proven track record of delivering tangible results and value to his clientele.

Drawing from his extensive expertise, Dela provides invaluable support and guidance to businesses seeking to optimize their email marketing strategies, implement best practices, and capitalize on growth opportunities. As an accomplished author, speaker, and recognized authority in the field, he has authored numerous publications and delivered presentations on pivotal topics such as personalization, testing, and delivery.

With a steadfast mission to empower brands and marketers, Dela endeavors to unlock the full potential of email marketing as a driver of growth, engagement, and brand loyalty.